What is Glista?

Glista aims to be a very simple personal to-do list manager or task tracking tool that does what it's supposed to, and does not get in your way.

The main focus of Glista is on staying a very simple tool. I believe task tracking is a trivial part of daily work (or life) and that it should stay trivial.

Glista is based on the Gtk+ graphical toolkit, which means it will integrate best with the GNOME desktop and other Gtk+ based desktop environments, but will also run well on other environments such as KDE.

Glista is free software. This means you can use it for free with no restrictions. You are also free to redistribute and modify it under the conditions specified in the GNU General Public License.

What is different about Glista?

Well, this is hard to answer. There are many to-do applications out there, in many shapes and forms ranging from web applications, to desktop widgets, to stickey-notes like apps. I have tried and dumped many of them over the past years, and was looking to scratch my own itch by writing the tool that would be just right for me.

The key issue in my opinion is simplicity. With many of these apps, tracking my tasks became an additional task to preform. Glista tries to be so trivial, and with as little features as possible, so that it would integrate seamlessly into my daily work routines.

It works for me - and hopefully it will work for others as well.


Glista is intended to run on any system which supports the Gtk+ libraries. It is currently known to compile and run well on several different GNU/Linux flavours, but is probably portable to other UNIX-like systems as well as to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Currently, we do not offer binary packages of Glista. This may be available in the future but for now you will need to build Glista from source in order to install it.

Download the latest source package from the downloads page, extract the package, and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file inside the extracted directory.

See the usage page for usage information.

Help Improving Glista

I am a terrible C programmer, but I want to improve - this is why I wrote Glista in C. Because Glista is free / open source software, you can contribute and help improve Glista by reporting bugs, contributing patches and code and generally telling me where my code sucks. You can also suggest new features but keep in mind I plan to keep Glista simple. Very simple.