ZendCon 2008 Slides

Well, ZendCon is over and it was much fun! I got home today (well, does 4:30 am count as “today” ?) and am still very tired – I had to stay around after the conference for some meetings (yes, the title “manager” causes some PITA even if you do not really manage anyone) which was a bit exhausting but fruitful never the less.

I gave this presentation about Zend Platform:

It’s the first time ever I’m giving a presentation about proprietary Zend technology in an open-source conference so I was a bit nervous – but to my surprise I got a full room (I estimate some ~100 people were there, and only a few Zenders) and there seemed to be a lot of interest. In general this ZendCon felt a bit more “business-oriented” than usual, but still had a good mix of community and hacker-spirit to it.

Another thing is that Siddhartha – our VP of Sales for North America actually HUGGED me after the talk. He was sitting in the room and the guy knows a lot about selling Zend Platform – but I suppose that hearing the value of the different features and some good example use cases for Zend Platform from a technical perspective gave him and the rest of the sales team some good insight into what customers are looking for in such a product.

Anyway enjoy the slides and if you have questions just post a comment. I will probably post some more about the previous week – if only I will be able to get my hands off my new iPod Touch ;)