Good old ‘includes/common.php’ is back!

In the last couple of days I’m writing a small demo-like database driven PHP app – you know, the kind where you show how to put records of something into the DB, take them out, list, edit, etc. – pretty simple stuff.

The catch is that this is to demo pure PHP – no frameworks of any kind. No complex design patterns or paradigms (such as MVC), no rewriting rules.

I must say I haven’t done this in a while. It feels good on one hand – remembering the power and simplicity of pure PHP. On the other hand it sucks ass – so many things (especially edge cases) you have to take care of yourself – things like execution flow, including that good old bootstrap file on the top of each script (yeah, each page in my app is a different script! remember those days?), manually taking care of layout and common HTML elements, validation – even manually writing so much SQL seems odd.

If you have some free hours this weekend, I suggest you try it – just to remember what it used to be like 5 years ago. It’s a good way to appreciate (or not) the framework or library you’re working with these days.