HTML 5 Canvas Game of Life

I recently started looking into different HTML 5.0 related technologies, one of the most exciting ones being the new Canvas tag and API.

As a little test, I’ve implemented a little Game of Life thing using HTML 5 Canvas, which you can see in action here: (view source to see the code behind it).

Game of Life in HTML5 Canvas

The algorithm is not very smart so it’s kind of slow and CPU intensive, but still fun to watch. It works nicely on Firefox 4.0, and latest Chrome and Safari versions, and a bit slow on Firefox 3.6. I did not test with any IE version but I do not expect it to work in IE 6 or 7, maybe 8 and probably 9.

I think Game of Life by itself is worth at least an entire post regardless of this HTML5 implementation, especially because I’m a big fan of things that bring CS and philosophy together, so I may write about it at a later point, but for now I suggest you let it run for a while (a few hundreds of generations) and see what you get :)