My name is Shahar (he: שחר), and this is my blog.

I grew up and live in Israel – currently in Tel Aviv, but I grew up in Mattat, a small village in Israel’s northern Galilee. I am a technology enthusiast, and like building and taking apart things so that I can understand them better, be that physical things, software and even people.

I also take much interest in philosophy and history, and enjoy sea kayaking (I have one of the first NDK Romany kayaks ever made, which I regularly paddle around Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean coast), hiking and traveling – all of which I consider great ways to see the world and gain fist-hand experiences with nature and people.

Me in my KayakOver the years, I have gained a lot of experience in Web infrastructure, and specifically in designing, building, optimizing and managing Web applications on the LAMP (that’s Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) stack. I’ve also gained some experience with other related technologies – frontend stuff (JavaScript, HTML and CSS), as well as server side stuff (other web servers such as lighttpd and nginx, non-relational databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB). I also have some experience  with other programming languages – some C, some Python and just a little bit of Java.

I am a strong believer that good software is rarely based on technological merits. Working for the past few years as a product manager, I consider myself a product person more than a developer – and I always try to start from the user persona, workflows and usability before diving into the code on a new project.

I love open source and free software. I strongly believe in sharing thoughts and ideas with others, and software is not different. Over the years I’ve started and contributed to different free software projects.

I am currently self-employed and am trying to split my time between work (personal projects and freelance consulting work) and my hobbies. Feel free to comment on my posts or contact me through this blog if you need my help, want to hire me or just have some questions.

Click here to download my CV (175k PDF, English)