My PHP Streams API article was published by php|architect

php|architect, one of the most prominent professional PHP magazines in the world, has published an article I wrote about PHP’s user-space Streams API in its December 2011 issue:

Go with the Flow: PHP’s Userspace Streams API

Almost every PHP application out there needs to read data from files or write data to files – or things that look like files but are not quite files – these unstructured blobs of data are commonly referred to as “streams”. Stream functions allow a scalable, portable and memory efficient way to handle data, and pretty much any PHP developer out there knows how to read data from or write data to a steam. The best part is that you don’t have to be an extension author in order to provide access to any data source as if it was just a regular file. PHP’s userspace streams API allows you do to exactly that, and this article will show you how.
If you’re a subscriber, feel free to read the article and send me your feedback. If not, go ahead an buy the issue :)

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