Goodbye, Zend

Ok, the title kind of says it all – this has been known to some for a few months now, but for the sake of clarifying things up, I’m leaving Zend – or to be technically accurate, has already left.

This was not an easy decision for me, as Zend has been for more than 6 years not only my employer but also my school, my workshop and a little bit of home as well. This sounds like bullshit – but since I started there as a first-level support engineer and am leaving as a co-Product Manager for the company’s flagship product, I think it’s fair to say I gained as much as I contributed.

However, it’s time to move on for me. I’m looking into doing my own things at my own time, and being my own boss. I want more free time to experiment, play and pursue my hobbies and silly ideas.

In recent years the company took some directions I was not 100% happy with, and being responsible for realizing some of these ideas, it was hard for me to stay at my role. I started thinking what I want to do next – and was offered a couple of very tempting roles within Zend – but then I realized that really, I want to make a bigger change.

And here I am.

For the last couple of months I have reduced my role at Zend to a 2-day consulting position, and will continue to consult Zend on a part-time basis for at least a few weeks.In the rest of my time, I plan to think, read, paddle, rest, blog more and work on some ideas I have. I plan to keep contributing to the PHP community, and specifically to Zend Framework 2.0.

Will I chicken out in 3 months and decide to get a real job again? Maybe… but I plan to make the most of my time until then.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Zend

  1. Good luck, Shahar. You’re doing the right step :) BTW, we have an open PM position (a really attractive one, trust me) in Amsterdam with great advantage for experience with PHP projects. If you are or will be interested in the near future, please let me know ASAP.

    • Hey Seva,

      Thanks! I will keep that job in mind if I decide to become employed again – it sounds tempting, especially the Amsterdam part :D

  2. Good luck Shahar! I’m certain everything will play OK for you, proving time after time your value as a techno-thinker. Drop me a line sometimes to let me know what are you at.