Finally, it’s out: Zend Server

I normally try not to write about work related stuff… but this is a special occasion.

Zend Server is finally out for public beta. o/

I was working so hard on this for the last year, It kind of feels like I’ve just crapped an Elephpant ;)

Seriously now, I really like this product. I think it has great potential. I know a bunch of very good people who worked very hard on it, and deserve every bit of gratitude. We went over some rough times at Zend and we still were able to release this wonderful product! I’m so proud… :)

7 thoughts on “Finally, it’s out: Zend Server

  1. Hi Shahar. Congrats! I was just having a look around the Zend site trying to find some information about Server, but drew a few blanks, so I hope you don’t mind me asking here :)

    Is it a replacement for Platform? It certainly seems to have most of the features of it covered.

    The only thing I can spot that’s missing is the session clustering, which is a shame, as it’s the main thing my company uses Platform for :) Is it planned as a future feature of Server? (Assuming it’s not there already and I missed it).

    Also, is the object cache distributed, (like memcache)? Thanks!

  2. @Ru: See here: for some comparison.

    Zend Server does not replace Zend Platform yet – perhaps it does for small scale installations that do not require the high-end features (Job Queues, SC).

    In the future, we will probably build Zend Platform features on top of the Zend Server infrastructure so you can expect to see them grow more and more alike. I expect them to evolve together :)

    Re: cache – no, the cache is either stored on disk or in shared memory but is not distributed. We are thinking about a distributed cache solution (nothing concrete yet so don’t expect anything soon) but in any case the memcache extension should be there and you are welcome to use it for the items you need to distribute.

  3. Congrats, Shahar, and to the whole team! I can vouch for the fact that these guys have worked their asses off on this project, and I think the results speak for themselves.


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  6. I see that for OS X Zend Server is only available as Community Edition. Is a “Full” edition in the works for OS X?